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Printing and decorations for the best Italian and International brands

We work with the best brands to offer them extraordinary, recognisable, and exciting printing solutions.

Four-wheeled vehicles  Emblems and customisation for the automotive industry

Two-wheeled vehicles  Complete freedom of decoration

Motor home  Kromex, resin and graphics to increase the value of your brand

Rail  Anti-graffiti film: our flagship

Retail  We get where we want and fast

Fashion  Together with the greatest fashion houses for unforgettable fabrics

Case History

Customer: Poste Italiane (postal services company owned by the Italian government)

Challange: Decorazione di 1139 Uffici Postali entro il 31/12

Where: Throughout Italy

Timing: 2015 (21 post offices a week)

Retail or franchise? Discover our printing solutions

Customer: Generali (the largest insurance company in Italy)

Challange: Protective coating

Where: Milan

Coating used: Milano

Interior design? Discover our printing solutions.

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